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good to see you back david - newgrounds is slowly gearing up again with the classics :)

your old friend.

-shawn (Chronamut)-

very educational! :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

the ending with the rotating trees was the best part.

-shawn (Chronamut)-

ChutneyGlaze responds:


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A highly addictive game I must say!

-shawn (Chronamut)-

the guy doesnt move for me - no matter what I do or click all I can do is click the sword tile.

*edit* ohh I see.. you're not supposed to move.. I ONLY learned that by reading through your reviews - you really should mention that in the authors comments or most people are simply going to think the game is broken.

It's alright but I don't like how you are slowly dying no matter what you do. Doesn't seem very realistic at all.. *edit* ohh I see you're slowly dying because your enemies are attacking you in real time..

also if you buy a health and a strength potion - even though it shows you bought both, it will only show the strength potion during the run, so you basically pay for a potion you don't own.

Actually nope, strength potion just doesn't show up at all, even if you buy it individually.. you might want to fix that.

Also when you beat the skull guy his health starts to go into the negative and the screen keeps shifting over and then plops you back at the beginning of the game.. def. some bugs to work out in this game hehe.. but still fun to play :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

some of these levels were just too damn hard - also the lack of mid checkpoints per level REALLLY sapped the fun out of this.. sorry.

-shawn (Chronamut)-

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haha I'll review this as a consolation :P

dear god this sounds like industrial - only reason this didn't qualify is because it's not "cheesy" and thus didn't fit the theme - that and the lack of vocals - it's amazing how many people sadly didn't read the rules for this contest that vocals were MANDATORY. :P

it's a very cool song though, well produced :)

And I would say you didn't master this on the quiet side - it sounds fine levels wise on my headphones.

10 mins may be a bit excessive for this piece though lol..

-shawn (Chronamut)-

haha this sounds very richie valens, the vocals sound very latino/mexican - almost like something you would hear in stephen universe :P

It's actually really well done! :)

The reverb on the vocals is simply perfect. This is my personal favourite in the contest :)

Love the little guitar solo at the end - glad to see there is still quality music on the site :)

good job man! 5 out of 5 and favourited :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

the cheese level is AWESOME on this - but as the others say, I really wish this was longer, cuz I really love the direction you were going with it :)

as it stands there isn't much to review - its rather minimal, nice r&b almost barry white type sounding, loving the food theme :)

I'll give it a 3 out of 5, which is what I usually give loops :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

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oink oink oink!

ahh beautiful sabin ;)

gorgeous work! :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

I am Io - the eternal. Hey guys, the names Shawn, but you may remember me by my old account, Chronamut. I have been submitting music to this site since 2003, and I have hundreds of songs and artworks. I hope to return and to bring the era of fun back!

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