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I am Io - the eternal. Hey guys, the names Shawn, but you may remember me by my old account, Chronamut. I have been submitting music to this site since 2003, and I have hundreds of songs and artworks. I hope to return and to bring the era of fun back!

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PM me your email to join my email list!

Posted by IoTheEternal - March 12th, 2019

Hey guys, so since pming every one of my fans here when I submit new work is frankly, annoying, on all sides, and pretty much unrealistic, I have decided I am gonna make a mailing list!

If you want to be part of it to get updates on when I release new songs then please pm me your email address! It will mean you are always notified when I make new music :)

(also while you're here you might as well check out my latest songs lol..)

I mean you could post it below too - but I doubt you want random strangers emailing you so lol.


Gonna tag those that currently follow me below so they see this - please pm me an email I can contact you all at if you wish to receive song updates by me:

@0miles, @1000BucklesofVictory, @1234himhimpolo, @16-bit, @472, @501stmat ,@53xy83457, @A1phaWolf1997, @AceMantra, @ade-syndicate, @aditz, @ADR3-N, @AleXizGD, @AlexTheTrain-1, @alucardx60, @AlxEllis, @AmosTheFamous, @Andonexus, @Anthony-Liberty, @Apatheia, @arenaclosers999, @Arika2, @Arthur-Muvhali, @AstralikaCastle, @Astro-reality, @auds103, @AvizuraNG, @B0UNC3, @balmung29, @Banana-head, @BigBaggyJeans, @BlazingFlash97, @Blue-SilverDragon, @BlueSpeed7, @bobssss12, @boshydude, @Boss, @BowserThedestructive, @boydemon, @C4Cypher, @Cabbster, @CaptainDioShiba, @Cashuea, @Cathartic, @CelestOrion, @CensorDodge, @Certainend, @cfl565656, @CGA-999, @cheatercat, @Chemosh, @chrisko7960, @ChronoNomad, @Clorben, @Collis529, @cory76x, @Cyberdevil, @CyroNG, @D-Volt, @danieltan1995, @darc2209, @Dark-Rundas, @Darkcrusader990, @DarkFrDragon, @Darkgrave, @DarkstyleProductions, @DarNara, @DataZero, @dayle14, @dbc6060, @DesireeSantiago, @Dj-Gonzo, @djhotplay101, @DjJoVita, @DoctorAnfelo, @DoeApex, @doggenhausen, @dommi-fresh, @DoubleDigital, @DoubleStar, @DreamEater, @Dreamscaper, @dude2312, @eatmeatleet, @ElkDarkshire, @endKmusic, @Everratic, @Fadeliss, @FaeryTaleAdventurer, @feandesign, @Flashburn, @FLAVOUR-STAR, @ForceReconSniper, @ForgottenDawn, @GADZORMUSICGROUP, @Geekygami, @GeneralSalt, @Ghoti, @GoldenHeartedJerk, @gordody, @Haggard, @hairyscaryDJ, @HeyJellyBear, @I0TA, @illuminatiyoda, @Interva1, @jafurcha, @JamesMab, @JonSantiago, @JordanKyser, @Kaz-Budny, @Kiwi612, @Krussi, @LeopoldAlcock, @Lich, @Louket, @MetalCore64, @MettatonTheSexyBoss, @Midnights-Ocean, @MKjkxda8000, @MonsterHead19, @MR-DOS, @MrJov, @MRM3, @mthealien, @Natcl23, @NeoAlchemist247, @newhansen, @NGKFlower, @Nicfart646, @nicholaskavanagh085, @NZhuravel123, @Oevin, @PaulyBFromDa303, @Phyrnna, @pitbulljones, @Psybot, @Quarl, @QucTrungNguyn, @Quisty, @rcrmd, @ReBounc3, @RoblesK, @Runelord, @Samarama, @Seprix, @Sherkel, @Skiddle, @sorohanro, @SourJovis, @steven66, @Svenzo, @TaintedLogic, @Tebone7, @technomantics, @Tetrahedrix, @TheComet, @TheNGVirus, @TodukenMusic, @Triskele, @trolol3000, @vanguard182, @Vultyrex, @WaffleCrisp, @Waterflame, @wyldfyre1, @Xenogenocide, @Xuvero, @XxB1GBALL3RxX, @Zalix, @Zophar

thanks guys! :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-



Comments (4)

"so since pming every one of my fans here when I submit new work is frankly, annoying"
yes, that would be. That's why there's a feed...

people don't check the feed - hell "I" don't check the feed of the people I follow - mailing lists are just easier in general.

When you follow several people it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of everyone, esp. if you don't say do it every day. Personally I prefer it if someone links me to check things out - we all have our own style.

It's like youtube, you may follow 300 people but do you honestly check out all of their new stuff on a regular basis?

*edit* so I tried to use the feed thing - and it's ok - I got a lot of reviews to catch up on in giving, but as I said I got a lot of people to manage so it almost feels like work.. but maybe it's not as monumental as I thought. Still, the majority of people who follow me do not appear to use the feed system - they follow someone more like someone does catching pokemon - to simply say they have hehe..


Honestly, I love my feed. It helps me glomp bomb father of death.

I just click the bell at the top of my page and see what it tells me.

I’m coo with a mailing list

be sure to pm me with your email then - that goes for all of you - just reacting doesn't really do me any good haha