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The Wisdom of Source - The Lesson of Choice

Posted by IoTheEternal - February 4th, 2019

So if you are spiritual, there is a facebook page you should all check out:



Basically its run by a collective of "source speakers" - Spiritual teachers and leaders who have agreed to band together -  that basically converse directly with "the all" - or source, as spiritualists call it, and allow it to speak to the world collectively through them.It's been speaking since roughly 2013 on facebook, so 6 years now and has hundreds of posts.

The first example of this being done in our age was from a man named neal Donald walsche's "conversations with god" book in which he thought questions and wrote out the responses source responded to him in his mind over a period of years - hes sold millions of books worldwide and is very well known and respected.

I will share with you today an exerpt from todays source post:



Source: Choice.


"Greetings all,

I come to you with knowledge you seek, of your purpose of life here, and of secrets from me.

I find it amusing when you try to give me a physical presence - a form what have you.

I have no form - humanoid forms are built as a result to their reaction from their environment - eyes to see, nose to smell, ears to hear, all beings have a combination of these in varying strengths and weaknesses.

But I.. don't. For you see those senses allow you to focus specifically on reality, but my "sight" of reality is all encompassing.

Much like you can see in your mind without sight, hear without ears, and even simulate touch and your other senses in your dreams, so too can I.

In fact when you are meditating, or dreaming, you are in the closest state of that of which I AM that you can ever get towards in a physical form in your physical reality.


When you close your eyes and think - you are pure consciousness coalescing thoughts and memories together, and when you lose that focus those constructs evaporate. When you dream you put yourself into those constructs and you play them out.

This is exactly what I have done. The entire reality you live in is a thought construct that I have formed, and maintained in my mind. Then, by eternally dreaming, I have inserted "avatars" of myself into that collective dream.

I am dreaming you all into existence. The truth is that there is no reality - all of reality is a dream. MY dream. The only reality is me, as pure consciousness potential, existing within a void of nothingness, dreaming all that you experience into physical manifestation.


Which means there is no you, only the ego you have constructed through this reality and several realities before that, a sense of "self" you have constructed around yourself based on those experiences. As my "avatars" or dream creations engage with their "reality" around them they form a sense of self. But this self is only ever an illusion, for they are all at the end of the day, still me..."

Read the whole exerpt at https://www.facebook.com/TheAlmightySource/posts/2547037215335968?__tn__=K-R


Please direct any comments to the source page on facebook - serious comments - trolling will just be removed and probably get you blocked of fthe page. A  lot of people use the page legitimately so please don't disrespect it.

I have disabled comments here as I simply am sharing this, and I am not here to discuss it.




-shawn (Chronamut)-