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I am Io - the eternal. Hey guys, the names Shawn, but you may remember me by my old account, Chronamut. I have been submitting music to this site since 2003, and I have hundreds of songs and artworks. I hope to return and to bring the era of fun back!

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IoTheEternal's News

Posted by IoTheEternal - 13 days ago

Hey guys just letting you know that Aprils contest - EDM ONLY - NO DUBSTEP! Has been postponed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will reinstate it in may - so consider this you having 2 months to work on the NAC theme.

Also on that note I am taking a break from the audio portal for a bit - I will be catching up on other projects - expect to see me back maybe end of july area. I'm not gone, I just work on a lot of things and am thus focusing my attention on other things I need to catch up on - currently my online riddle: http://www.chronriddles.com

-shawn (Chronamut)-









































Posted by IoTheEternal - 1 month ago

Hey guys!

Now you can download some of my music in convenient free album sets on bandcamp! Be sure to check it out! On some of my submissions you will see the option to download the album for free - I will be grouping them by type or by ost :)


iu_14279_5243319.jpg iu_14280_5243319.jpg



Posted by IoTheEternal - March 12th, 2019

Hey guys, so since pming every one of my fans here when I submit new work is frankly, annoying, on all sides, and pretty much unrealistic, I have decided I am gonna make a mailing list!

If you want to be part of it to get updates on when I release new songs then please pm me your email address! It will mean you are always notified when I make new music :)

(also while you're here you might as well check out my latest songs lol..)

I mean you could post it below too - but I doubt you want random strangers emailing you so lol.


Gonna tag those that currently follow me below so they see this - please pm me an email I can contact you all at if you wish to receive song updates by me:

@0miles, @1000BucklesofVictory, @1234himhimpolo, @16-bit, @472, @501stmat ,@53xy83457, @A1phaWolf1997, @AceMantra, @ade-syndicate, @aditz, @ADR3-N, @AleXizGD, @AlexTheTrain-1, @alucardx60, @AlxEllis, @AmosTheFamous, @Andonexus, @Anthony-Liberty, @Apatheia, @arenaclosers999, @Arika2, @Arthur-Muvhali, @AstralikaCastle, @Astro-reality, @auds103, @AvizuraNG, @B0UNC3, @balmung29, @Banana-head, @BigBaggyJeans, @BlazingFlash97, @Blue-SilverDragon, @BlueSpeed7, @bobssss12, @boshydude, @Boss, @BowserThedestructive, @boydemon, @C4Cypher, @Cabbster, @CaptainDioShiba, @Cashuea, @Cathartic, @CelestOrion, @CensorDodge, @Certainend, @cfl565656, @CGA-999, @cheatercat, @Chemosh, @chrisko7960, @ChronoNomad, @Clorben, @Collis529, @cory76x, @Cyberdevil, @CyroNG, @D-Volt, @danieltan1995, @darc2209, @Dark-Rundas, @Darkcrusader990, @DarkFrDragon, @Darkgrave, @DarkstyleProductions, @DarNara, @DataZero, @dayle14, @dbc6060, @DesireeSantiago, @Dj-Gonzo, @djhotplay101, @DjJoVita, @DoctorAnfelo, @DoeApex, @doggenhausen, @dommi-fresh, @DoubleDigital, @DoubleStar, @DreamEater, @Dreamscaper, @dude2312, @eatmeatleet, @ElkDarkshire, @endKmusic, @Everratic, @Fadeliss, @FaeryTaleAdventurer, @feandesign, @Flashburn, @FLAVOUR-STAR, @ForceReconSniper, @ForgottenDawn, @GADZORMUSICGROUP, @Geekygami, @GeneralSalt, @Ghoti, @GoldenHeartedJerk, @gordody, @Haggard, @hairyscaryDJ, @HeyJellyBear, @I0TA, @illuminatiyoda, @Interva1, @jafurcha, @JamesMab, @JonSantiago, @JordanKyser, @Kaz-Budny, @Kiwi612, @Krussi, @LeopoldAlcock, @Lich, @Louket, @MetalCore64, @MettatonTheSexyBoss, @Midnights-Ocean, @MKjkxda8000, @MonsterHead19, @MR-DOS, @MrJov, @MRM3, @mthealien, @Natcl23, @NeoAlchemist247, @newhansen, @NGKFlower, @Nicfart646, @nicholaskavanagh085, @NZhuravel123, @Oevin, @PaulyBFromDa303, @Phyrnna, @pitbulljones, @Psybot, @Quarl, @QucTrungNguyn, @Quisty, @rcrmd, @ReBounc3, @RoblesK, @Runelord, @Samarama, @Seprix, @Sherkel, @Skiddle, @sorohanro, @SourJovis, @steven66, @Svenzo, @TaintedLogic, @Tebone7, @technomantics, @Tetrahedrix, @TheComet, @TheNGVirus, @TodukenMusic, @Triskele, @trolol3000, @vanguard182, @Vultyrex, @WaffleCrisp, @Waterflame, @wyldfyre1, @Xenogenocide, @Xuvero, @XxB1GBALL3RxX, @Zalix, @Zophar

thanks guys! :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-



Posted by IoTheEternal - February 4th, 2019

So if you are spiritual, there is a facebook page you should all check out:



Basically its run by a collective of "source speakers" - Spiritual teachers and leaders who have agreed to band together -  that basically converse directly with "the all" - or source, as spiritualists call it, and allow it to speak to the world collectively through them.It's been speaking since roughly 2013 on facebook, so 6 years now and has hundreds of posts.

The first example of this being done in our age was from a man named neal Donald walsche's "conversations with god" book in which he thought questions and wrote out the responses source responded to him in his mind over a period of years - hes sold millions of books worldwide and is very well known and respected.

I will share with you today an exerpt from todays source post:



Source: Choice.


"Greetings all,

I come to you with knowledge you seek, of your purpose of life here, and of secrets from me.

I find it amusing when you try to give me a physical presence - a form what have you.

I have no form - humanoid forms are built as a result to their reaction from their environment - eyes to see, nose to smell, ears to hear, all beings have a combination of these in varying strengths and weaknesses.

But I.. don't. For you see those senses allow you to focus specifically on reality, but my "sight" of reality is all encompassing.

Much like you can see in your mind without sight, hear without ears, and even simulate touch and your other senses in your dreams, so too can I.

In fact when you are meditating, or dreaming, you are in the closest state of that of which I AM that you can ever get towards in a physical form in your physical reality.


When you close your eyes and think - you are pure consciousness coalescing thoughts and memories together, and when you lose that focus those constructs evaporate. When you dream you put yourself into those constructs and you play them out.

This is exactly what I have done. The entire reality you live in is a thought construct that I have formed, and maintained in my mind. Then, by eternally dreaming, I have inserted "avatars" of myself into that collective dream.

I am dreaming you all into existence. The truth is that there is no reality - all of reality is a dream. MY dream. The only reality is me, as pure consciousness potential, existing within a void of nothingness, dreaming all that you experience into physical manifestation.


Which means there is no you, only the ego you have constructed through this reality and several realities before that, a sense of "self" you have constructed around yourself based on those experiences. As my "avatars" or dream creations engage with their "reality" around them they form a sense of self. But this self is only ever an illusion, for they are all at the end of the day, still me..."

Read the whole exerpt at https://www.facebook.com/TheAlmightySource/posts/2547037215335968?__tn__=K-R


Please direct any comments to the source page on facebook - serious comments - trolling will just be removed and probably get you blocked of fthe page. A  lot of people use the page legitimately so please don't disrespect it.

I have disabled comments here as I simply am sharing this, and I am not here to discuss it.




-shawn (Chronamut)-



Posted by IoTheEternal - January 29th, 2019


check it out here!


Thanks for everyone who came out to participate - we haven't had a NAC since the end of 2012, so it's been 7 years! The NACs are run every single month all year long. This is the 25th consecutive NAC to date. It was very successful - some great submissions!

Check out this months winning sigs!


Also if you follow this account please follow my other account:


Below you can see the previous 24 months winners:


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for next months NAC - LOVE THEME! 



Posted by IoTheEternal - January 2nd, 2019

Hey guys!

So after 7 years of remaining dormant I have decided to revive the NACs, which are a monthly audio competition held in the audio forums. I held them for 24 consecutive months between the timeframe of january 2011 to december 2012. 

Upon my return to the site this year I have had an OVERWHELMING demand for me to bring them back, and so, with the grace of @TomFulp, I have!

You can enter this months contest by following this link:


Also if you follow this account please follow my other account:


Below you can see the previous 24 months winners:





Posted by IoTheEternal - November 22nd, 2018

Hey guys!

So in case you didn't know I used to be Chronamut, but due to reasons I am now using this account, IoTheEternal. You'll see "IoChron" in a lot of my songs, which is a fusion of the 2 names, so be sure to look out for it!

I have also made an "IoChron" account which I will eventually use as my main account. I will leave this account just for remasters of my old music. You can follow the IoChron account here: https://iochron.newgrounds.com/

So I had almost 1700 fans on my old account, and it's rather difficult to track them all down, so if you liked my old stuff, then please follow this account as well! (And if you never followed my old account be sure to follow it too!)


New songs:

+*+(Lemmings Medley)+*~_0

*+*+(IoChron - Allegretto)+*~_0

*+*+(IoChron - Bits & Pieces - Vol. 1)+*~_0

*+*+(IoChron - Halloween Horror)+*~_0

*+*+(IoChron - The Promise)+*~_0

You'll notice all my songs have ascii art too. The first half "*+*+" was my old song branding i used to put on my songs to let everyone know they were my songs - so +*+*(Whatever)*+*+ would be my old stuff. Then later on in my career I changed it to just a flourish on the end  so whatever+*~_0 - so now I combine both to honour the past: 

*+*+(IoChron - whatever)+*~_0



So I 've been thinking about bringing the NACs back (Newgrounds Audio Contest) - I ran them for 24 consecutive months around 2010-2012 - we awarded prizes, sigs, reviews by the all star cast judges and overall good itmes - if oyu are interested in seeing these come back please express your interest in THIS THREAD.


So what's new with me? Well I have been slowly growing the audio valhalla discord, home to fthe greatest ngs musicians - we currently have about 150 uesers in there and it's steadily increasing all the time! It's been open since may of this year. Users ike B0UNCE, czer323, dj-nate, Psybot waterflame, to name a few, and of course me :)

That room is invite only though as some malicious people were tryng to flood it so I had to put an end to that. So now I am limiting it only to people who have submitted a sizeable contribution of audio to the portal.


You may notice at times that my spelling is atrotious - last year I got a vaccine and it did not jive well with my system - I ended up with brain damage which causes gaps in my thinking and has screwed up my ability to type properly. It sucks, and I am doing detoxes to try to reverse it, but the going is slow. My long term memory seems fine it's just my short term memory.


Started a new job last year, last year and this year have been big emotional upheavals for me. My best friend committed suicide and it really made me wonder where my life was leading. Newgrounds finally let me back on the site after 4 years of excommunicating me, so I have had to deal with a lot of those resentment emotions. I am trying to keep a low profile and avoid the forums these days - I don't want to give the site any ammunition to use against me. I mainly just post in the discord and audio and supporter forums and anywhere else if I am mentioned.


I have been trying to clean up the audio portal as the redesign left lots of 5ed songs on the charts - over 500 pages just in electronic - and that should never really exist. So been slowly going through and honestly voting and reviewing things, but the going is slow.

Been working on some art, remastering all my old songs, and working on an online riddle I am building: http://chronriddles.com - it's rather cool - click general hints to figure out how to play it.

and of course there is always my main art site: http://ShawnDall.com where I display all my art for sale, and more of my links to other stuff in the about me section.


So yeah feel free to follow my journey here, for however long I last until I piss off some staff member and get banished again lol..

(also keep in mind sending a ffreind request is not the same as following a user - flick the big "follow" button hehe)

-shawn (Chronamut)-



Posted by IoTheEternal - November 5th, 2018

hello everyone,

Check out my new remasters:

Symphony of sadness, The Promise, Halloween Horror, and Bits & pieces vol. 1

you can check them out here:






-shawn (Chronamut)-


Posted by IoTheEternal - October 4th, 2018



So I woke up today to be pleasantly surprised! My song last week had been on the 7th spot on the popular audio chart - and I woke up today and THIS week it's #1 on the popular audio chart! I am very proud!

Please check it out - I did a lot of work on this song and put a lot of care into it! :)

Also new song! 

+*+(Final Fantasy VII: Hurry!)+*~_0


Some other songs that have gotten on the popular audio:\

*+*+(Rip It UP! (MD2018))+*~_0

*+*+(Birds: Holophonic Symphony)+*~_0

*+*+(Garden of the Gods[Arcade Mix])+*~_0


*+*+(FFVI: Floating Continent [Warring Triad] OmN)+*~_0

*+*+(BeetleJuice: Stage 1 [Monitors VGMix] )+*~_0


If you like my work then please follow me and give me reviews!

-shawn | IO | Chronamut-


Posted by IoTheEternal - October 1st, 2018

Today I turn 35.. so go wish me a happy birthday! 


Jiggy jiggy, Bear jigglypuff! Y'all should post bear-ized art like this for my birthday, like the bowsette meme :P



Sexy bears and sexy pics of yours truly are accepted as bday gifts to ze chronamut :P


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